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I hope you like what you see and that these images touch your emotions in some way. That’s what I try to capture each time I see a face, a scene…….a ‘moment’.

I cut my photographic teeth in the smoky, beery pubs and clubs of Melbourne chasing that elusive image where light and sound touched heart and minds. That’s what still excites me! Maybe we have even bumped elbows at a bar somewhere.

Nowadays my passions include live performance, portrait and travel photography.
Please contact me with any queries or comments you have – I’d be very pleased to hear from you.

Mark Hopper

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From my clients and associates
  • Mark Hopper knows the right moment to capture the spirit of what is going on. The fact that he is a music lover as well gives him great sensitivity and empathy In his years of practising his love of photography, he has proved again and again that he knows just the right moment to capture the light of the moment. He is totally in tune with his subjects. I love working with him .He never fails to make the most sensitive subject relax
    Kavisha Mazzella
    Kavisha Mazzella
  • Mark captures performers like few others. Their essence and music just bursts off the screen or page when he choses that moment where it all comes together.
    Peter Foley
    Peter Foley
  • As soon as I saw Mark’s work I knew it to be the work of a photographic artist who implicitly understands the context he‘s working in; the spaces, the angles, and crucially the moments in the performance that convey the maximum emotional intensity to the viewer. His eye for composition is the icing on the cake. When I first met Mark he gave me some pictures that he’d taken of a band of mine in the late ‘70s, which were followed with shots he took of me that same day at the Caravan Club, both sets of their time but both capturing the same universal truth. They looked good – very good. I was impressed. So impressed that, with Mark’s kind permission, I used his iconic black and white shot of me playing harmonica in I’ll Be Gone at the Caravan Club for my Facebook page and to advertise my successful RetroSpectrum show at the recent Adelaide Fringe.
    Mike Rudd
    Mike Rudd